We would like to thank all the people in Africa who invited us to participate in their lives and rituals. Without them this museum would not have been possible. Together, we shared the belief in the importance of making available theIr wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity, for future generations of Africans and the world at large.

Furthermore, we would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Vincent Mai whose belief in this project and wonderful generosity helped realize the Africa Online Museum, and to Karim Shariff, whose dedication and friendship has enabled us to achieve our goals.

We are deeply appreciative of our London studio team at African Ceremonies Foundation; Mohsen Zarei for his digital expertise, Jon Richardson for his administrative support and Maria Alexander for her studio management.

Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

I would like to thank all members of the Afro Project e.V. team who contributed to the creation of the museum. Bugs Steffen, our photographer, had the idea for the design of the online museum which was then graphically implemented and programmed by Günther Klebinger.

Mrs. Sarah Stumpf and Maria Göbel were busy in the office for months with the input of the texts and photos and after completion also took care of the announcement of the museum in the press, radio, television and in the context of our social networks.

Furthermore, the lawyer Jörg Hofmann has been involved in the legal protection of the museum. Many thanks to all of them!

Dr. Stefan Oschmann