Statement of Queen Mother Naa Dedei Onomrokor III

What are the most important values of your traditional Ghanaian kingdom?

The preservation and care of the ritual principles and shamanic wisdom in the Ga region is a central concern. Respect for the wisdom and life experience of older people and the Council of Elders must always be included. The imparting and preservation of this knowledge of young and old serves to strengthen the sense of community. My and the Wulomo responsibility in my kingdom is the preservation and performance of ancient shamanic ceremonies at the festivals in the Ga Region, especially the Thanksgiving festival Homowo and Teshie & Labadi Kpaa Shimo. On this way we can keep our values and traditions alive and present.

How is the traditional culture changing? 

The conferment of values since the colonial era partly led to disregards or changes of the old African traditional values. Those changes partly also changed through the digitalization and flood of information from the internet which partly facilitates commercial values. Through the reassurance of individual interests, the protection and solidarity of big families can’t always be guaranteed.

What can the values of the traditional culture of your kingdom contribute to the future?

By reflecting back and maintaining one’s own cultural identity, a basis is created for a better understanding of the cultural and religious coexistence in my region. Out of over 100 tribes in Ghana, many tribes such as Ga, Ashanti, Fante and Ewe now live peacefully with each other and contribute to making Ghana one of the most hospitable countries in Africa.
In the Ga region and all over Ghana, Muslims, Christians and nature religions live peacefully together. Why not all over the world?

What are the lost values of the traditional kingdom that the people regret today?

The partial loss of their own traditional and shamanic roots. Faster, higher, further, richer does not always lead to the goal. Christianity also must include the roots of our culture. Therefore we should try to mediate and communicate between religious groups.

Which importance does she see in the museum and to whom    would she recommend the visit?

A online museum contributes to a worldwide better understanding of the cultures. It also strengthens my fellow countrymen to appreciate, retain and respect the own culture in this fast-moving time.