Berber and Hassania Courtship and Marriage

Berber Brides and Hassania Veil Dance


Music of Morocco

Moroccan music is characterized by its great diversity from one region to another, as well as according to different social groups. It is influenced by different musical styles including Amazigh, Andalusi, Arab, Mediterranean, Saharan and others. Musical  styles vary by geography. Andalusi music and malhun are associated with urban centers in the north, chaabi and aita are associated with the Atlantic coastal plains, reggada is associated with the Rif region, gnawa music with Essaouira and Marrakesh, ahidus with the Middle Atlas, ahwash with the Sous region  and guedra in the Sahara.

For our musical selection the Afro Project team has chosen two very talented musicians from different parts of Morocco.

Driss El Maloumi comes from Agadir and he is a master of the oud. Some call him “the magician” of his instrument. What he plays on  the Arabic lute in fact sometimes borders on magic. He is the director of the music conservatory of Agadir.

Driss El Maloumi – Imtidad

Saïd Mesnaoui has a background steeped in musical heritage. In the shadow of this tradition, Saïd initiated himself into the magic of percussion. His musical journey lead him to a master of Gnawa music who taught him the technique of Hajhouj or Guembri – a traditional melodious low-sound bass – the typical instrument of southern Morocco.

Said Mesanoui – Oú Te Situer?