Dinka Cattle Camp, South Sudan

This film opens in the dry season cattle camp at sunset, rays of sunlight filter through layers of smoke from the dung fires. Herders dust their cattle with ash from the fires, children fearlessly and lovingly caress their lyre-shaped horns. A herder breaks out in song about his Namesake Ox expressing the belief that he is one with his animal, sometimes known as his Personality or Song Ox. Children and animals gather around the dung fire for warmth.

In the morning herds of white cattle, the favourite color of the Dinka, are taken out to pasture. A highly decorated Namesake Ox is singled out for admiration. Young men and women perform courtship dances – the men imitating the lyre-shaped horns of their Personality Ox and leaping high in the air to attract the eye of eligible girls.

Dinka Cattle Camp was filmed by Oscar Mann for African Ceremonies in 2006.